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I don't see lure ____, what's the deal?

  • We are working on making more designs everyday; however, there are too many great lures out there! Help us prioritize the designs that you want first by contacting us at info@fishmorecompany.com!


Can you make a box for a custom lure?

  • Yes, please contact us at info@fishmorecompany.com


What is the T3 Pro made from?

  • T3 Pro is made from a high quality, closed-cell foam
  • Provides a smooth feel while boasting superior physical and chemical properties
  • Nontoxic and contains no CFCs, HCFCs, or hydrocarbon blowing agents


How does it handle water?

  • It resists water absorption and is impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria when used as intended.
  • Any water remaining on the lure will drain to the bottom of the box through the hook well drain holes.
  • Since it is an extremely fine, closed cell material, it has extremely low water absorption (<1% volume when fully submerged for over a week


Does it improve the floating capacity?

  • Yes, it has excellent buoyancy properties
  • However, we don't recommend you to drop your tackle box and lures into the water! Be smart, but rest assured the T3 products will be there to help.


What tackles boxes will the T3 Pro fit into?

  • Currently, the T3 Pro is designed to fit in the Plano Pro-Latch Utility Box 3700 Open Compartment Box (SKU# 370710). That box is also used in the Plano Elite 3700 series so you can just remove the Plano Elite slotted plastic piece and replace it with the T3 Pro!


What tackles boxes will the T3 Favorites Bar fit into?

  • Currently, the T3 Favorites Bar is designed to fit in the standard Plano 3700 Pro-Latch 4-24 Compartment Box (SKU# 2370002); however, it can fit into other tackle boxes that have a slot larger than the Favorites Bar dimensions.
  • Favorites Bar Dimensions = 13.4375" long x 1.8125" wide x 1.25-1.50" tall
  • Check your tackle box dimensions before ordering