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Get the All New Jig Box

The T3 Pro

Lure Specific Storage

Tangle-Free Security

Durable Design

Mix and Match

T3 Pro for the Ice

End "One Size Fits All" Tackle Boxes

We believe that "One Size Fits All" equipment leads to an average "One Size Fits All" fishing experience. Usually that experience involves trying to find the lure you want, trying to untangle all the lures from the one you want, and sometimes getting stuck by a hook. That's why we decided to make our tackle boxes as specialized as the anglers using them. The T3 Pro Series positions you to take that next step in your passion, all while leaving one less excuse of why the fish didn't bite.

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No Tangled Hooks

Each lure and hooks are individually contained eliminating tangles

Also protects lures from hooks digging into them

Suspended Hooks

Hooks are suspended keeping your hooks drier

Drain holes in hook well allow water to drain out and easy lure drying

Form-Fitting Security

Don't get a box that limits how you can store your box and lures

Get the box specifically designed to hold your lure perfectly

Hook-Free Grab

Grab the lure without worrying about hooks from other lures or rubber bands holding the hooks together

Dry Lures Easily

Every hook well has a drain hole to keep your lures and hooks dry

Got water at the bottom of your box from a rainy day? Just pull the T3 Pro out for fast drying. Never take lures out one by one to dry ever again!

Always Organized

Requires no maintenance to keep your tackle boxes organized and efficient

Never worry about maintaining your tackle box again!

Benefits of Foam Construction

•   Repels water

•   Mold and mildew resistant

•   Absorbs impacts that would otherwise damage lures

•   Firm feel while still soft on lures and fingers

•   Securely holds lures in place while gently protecting the lure from the previous "normal" wear and tear inside a tackle box

•   No residue or odors left on lures

•   Super buoyant - just in case the box finds its way into the water