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T3 Pro - Jigs & Spoons - Jig Box

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The T3 Pro Jig Box features slotted foam that holds the entire hook for maximum security and eliminates accidental finger pokes when pulling out Jigs. The T3 Pro Jig Box is the only sustainable way to keep your Jigs organized and tangle-free.

The Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3 Pro Series)

Built with high-quality, closed cell foam to withstand the elements, the patent pending T3 Pro series features:

•   Keep hooks separated and sharp

•   Entire lure color profile on display

•   Enables easy hook-free lure handling even with gloves on

•   Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box

•   Makes organization easy and sustainable

•   Adds flotation to tackle box


Lure Size 3400 Box Capacity 3600 Box Capacity 3700 Box Capacity
6 - 5.75" Slots 20 - 5" Slots 26 - 6 78" Slots
T3 Pro Dimensions (Without Box)
Box Size 3600 3700
10 516" 13 716"
Width 78" 916"
Height 0.7" - 0.8" 0.7" - 0.8"
Space Between
Box Lid and Foam
58" 3/4"


What's Included?

•   T3 Pro for chosen tackle box design and size

•   Open compartment box

•   Confidence that your box won't ruin a lure ever again

*** Note: Lure(s) shown are not included ***