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These are the best lure boxes I have ever found. Your lures stay ready to fish at all times and you can easily see your lures to pick out the one you want.

great fit

i'm very happy the foam fits the baits very snug , so no damage to paint or rattling around . i purchased for jigging raps , ripping minnows, shiver minnows, flicker minnows and the bandits all fit in their box perfect. good investment and keeps things organized.

Great product

I just love theses boxes. It’s my my days in the boat much easier

Great products!!!

Awesome way to keep your EXPENSIVE Swimbaits from getting damaged. Fit perfectly and have been very durable so far. Very impressive!

Best tackle storage ever!

Amazing product, especially for the handful of "go to" baits. Wish I would have know about these sooner. A discount plan for multiple units would be my only selfish recommendation.

I love the product!

Great way to store your lures and find what you want easily, and of course,tangle free

Great product, Everything fits nicely!

I'm super happy with the ease of placing my Strike King Red Eye Shad collection in these boxes. I do have a few random brands that do fit in the foam pockets without modifications to the foam. The foam holds 15 of the 1/2oz lipless crankbaits for the 3700 box that I purchased and the 3600 box holds 8 of the 1/2oz lipless crankbaits as well, which would be good for a starter set for a beginner that are looking into these boxes. If you have quite the collection like I do, grab a few 3700 series. I'm going to get a few more 3700's myself because I'm not even close to separating of what I have.

T3 pro

Exactly what I needed

The best kept rattle traps in western New York

Great box. Find what you want quickly. Tangle free

The Best Glide Bait Storage!

I ordered the T3 Pro for my shiver minnows and jigging raps. It's a HUGE upgrade to storing baits. As we all know, shiver minnows and jigging raps are expensive, but they catch fish! I travel confidently knowing my jigs aren't banging around in a 3700 box. Will be recommending T3s to everyone fishing glide baits!

Flicker minnow

Absolutely love these boxes! Will be ordering more soon.

practical design of organization

At first, Fishmore's slogan of "End "One Size Fits All" tackle boxes" concerned me. I was worried that my Spybait/spinbait of different brands (Duo Realis 80i, 62, 72 & Berkley Spy) and sizes wouldn't fit in the molds. Well worry NO MORE!, My picture proves that IF IT FITS, IT SHIPS!. I haven't modified anything whatsoever, the foam molds to the lure perfectly as is. If you have a lot of lures like me and the lure is roughly the same size of different spybait brands, it should fit regardless of fishing brand but get the 3700 series, It be great if the 3700 box was larger with double decker foam for more lure fittings, 3600 series is good for a starter kit, Consider Fishmore.
I will return in a year or so to update review.

T3 and jig box

The T3 pro and the jig boxes are great keeps everything untangled.

Great way to store your stuff!

I ordered my 1st 3 boxes. I now have 9. Great way to protect and organize your stuff!

A game changer

I was searching for good storage and while preparing for a DIY arts and crafts project I saw this and decided, why not as a last ditch chance. I am so glad I did, this setup is amazing, sturdy and quality. the lures fit in perfectly and I make my own jigging raps and they fit in perfectly as well. You literally saved me a ton of time and headache and I am grateful!!!!!

Best tackle storage

No better way to store baits. Easy to see and know what color and what is being fished

Totes the goods

Plan and simple idea for hauling certain Boxes of baits to and from the boat, even keeps the fishing wall side of the shop organized when rifling threw tackle upon tackle, stows away easy in the boat as well


These are fantastic!! You can see what baits/colors you have and the hooks stay sharp and the boxes keep them dry. I had another brand that cost a lot more and would hold more baits but but finding a particular bait was always a issue and they weren’t waterproof.


wow! where have these been all my life!!

great custom fit for all my go to hard baits


Jigs stay put and do not move around!!

Terminal hook box done right!

I specifically use this for my terminal hooks whether it’s 5/0 EWG’s or 2/0 flipping. This particular box holds everything I need for hooks in my arsenal. It is simple light and easy to label

Best bait system on the market!

This is without a doubt the best bait system on the market for storing and organizing. The LV 500 box is exactly what I expected from FishMore Company. Everything they do is methodically thought through and done right. I’ve already surpassed 25 FishMore boxes, and looking forward to another 25!