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Awesome product, perfect fit in my plano 3700 edge flex box

Best Spoon Storage Solution

This is by far the best spoon storage solution on the market. There is nothing that even comes close. Hooks are out of the way, spoon colors and styles can be seen at first glance instead of hidden.

Best tackle organizer out there!

I have tried many different things to get my jigs organized. None of them checked all the boxes like this. All your jigs are visible so you grab the one you want. No chipped paint as they are held securely in their spot. Yet, maybe best of all... NO TANGLED HOOKS! Already ordered another box for myself and my boys are getting some too. 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a way to be more organized and efficient on the ice!

Was skeptical at first

I seen all the advertisements last year and was skeptical about pulling the trigger on some but man am I glad I did the organization factor is amazing plus no more broken fins. Will definitely be buying more. Great product

Top shelf - catch more fish with better tackle storage

Recently purchesed the T3 pro for Shiver minnows. These lures are heavy and bang around quite a bit in a standard box not to mention mind numbing treble hook tangles. I fish walleye on fly-in trips in Canada so I have to keep my tackle organization compact due to weight restrictions. Nothing is worse than wasting good fishing time trying to untangle a mesh of trebles. No more - this T3 Shiver minnow box is absolutely outstanding. Super compact yet still holds 15 shivers. By far the best option out there for these baits and gets them in the water where they belong catching fish instead of my fingers. I'll be looking at options for my walleye divers and hot-n-tots.
S. Nick

Fast shipping!

Great product! Fast shipping! Will be shopping here more.

Love it

Love it. They fit awesome. Keeps them all nice organized and tangled free

Best tackle box ever

The best tackle box I ever bought it hold all my lures tight and organized I love the box the shipping is fast and they give you a hand writing thank you note which is really nice if definitely buy another one
Thanks fish more company

Must have!

Honestly the best tackle box I have bought! Very fast shipping! Thank you for the amazing product! I will be buying many more of these boxes!

Fantastic quality!

I was a bit hesitant when I first saw these but I knew I had to check them out so I got the #3 Moonshine box. The biggest issue we as fishermen have is keeping our equipment working and looking good, baits are no exception! Most hard bodied jigging baits are hard to keep in one piece because of the plastic fins, this box solves that problem in a big way! Can't wait to get my custom cranks protected now too.

effective organization and visibility

Finally a decent option for storing rippin raps that doesn't take up a ton of space. Easy to see all your baits and find what you are looking for, and no need to untangle a bunch of hooks to get the bait you are after. Will definitely look at other bait style storage as well.


You get what you pay for!!! High quality product that works!! Great design and fast service!! Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a tangle free box!!! Will be purchasing more and telling my friends to do the same!!! Thanks for the great product!!!

Amazing product!

This product is awesome! It keeps all your spoons organized perfectly. The guys at fishmore shipped it out immediately, and they even threw in a couple stickers and a handwritten thank you letter! Will definitely be buying more products from the company.


The boxes work great no more tangled Fishhooks really love your product or recommend them to all my friends !! Thank you. !!

One of a kind!

I thought have a tackle insert like this one would be a little extra, but I figured i’d give it a try. This thing is awesome! I will never go back to the original style spoon box, this is a game changer, almost every spoon I own fits in this box. Amazing product, 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

My new favorite lure storage

This is awesome storage for the rippin raps! Can throw it in the truck, ice shack, boat and never have to worry about having tangled lures! Will definitely be getting the boxes for smaller rippin raps when they come out! Highly recommended!