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Based on 66 reviews

Great product. Love it!

Very Good Purchase

Very good design - although have not been able to take them out as we have no ice at this time. Would purchase again.

Real safe to carry Jiggin raps

These boxes are made to keep you jiggin raps safe from banging together . Just wish they were 2 sided.

Great product. Going to order more next spring!

T3 Pro Jigging Spoon

Best idea for spoon storage out there! Able to visually see every spoon you have and the box lid seems to lock them in place well!


I like being able to see my baits and have easy access to them without getting tangled up. The box style fits my boat well. Tray fits nice inside 3700 size open concept and works in Plano Edge as well!

Spin Bait

I like having easy access to my baits. Wanted something that would allow me to see them and keep them from bouncing around and getting tangled. I paired this with the open concept 3700 series box. Most styles of spybaits fit in nice!

T3 Bar

Does everything I wanted for. Raps do not come loose even in the shanty behind the snowmobile and no problems with broken fins.

Been waiting for somebody to make this

I made one out of foam years ago and so glad somebody made one professionally!!

I love your product. Wish you made it for more baits

Great product

Very clean, nice and easy to use design. I would recommend if you have the space for a few Plano boxes.

Best box ever!

The absolute best!

These are hands down the best bait boxes on the market.

Best Box Out There!!!

My FishMore boxes are by far the best box I’ve ever used! These boxes are making it a lot easier to access the beats that I am trying to choose in the moment, as well as keeping things extremely organized to a higher level. Seconds matter in tournament situation‘s and these boxes are the only way to go.

Awesome products!!!

Best jig box ever!!

Crappie Junction will not use any other jig box as of writing this review! As jig makers, we love how these boxes organize and protect our work!

Worth every penny.


Ice Spoon box

Great box for buckshots and slender spoons. Compartments a little loss for schucks jiggers

Best box in the world

Great box I will never leave the shore without them

T3 Favorites Bar - Rapala - Slab Rap

Everything worked perfectly

My order was on time and was exactly what I needed and everything worked perfectly thank you

Perfect for keeping ice fishing jigs in good shape

These boxes are saving me a lot of money! They keep my jigs from banging around. Great investment and a great company.

Worked very well for me

It worked very well as advertised. I was also able to use it for similar sized lures as well. I’d buy it again

Great Product !

Great organizer….very high quality!
Will be getting more soon !


Best lure protector and organization that anyone could ask for!