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T3 Favorites Bar - Ice Fishing - Jigging Spoons

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Note: Lure(s) Not Included

The T3 Favorites Bar Series was developed with all of the same benefits of the T3 Pro Series, but split up for added customization. The Favorites Bar gives you the ability to mix and match your favorite lures with multiple bars in one box or just keep a single row of lures secure and tangle-free. 

The Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3 Favorites Bar Series)

Built with high-quality, closed cell foam to withstand the elements, the Favorites Bar Series feature specialized, patented Crank Cavities™ that:

•   Keep hooks separated

•   Feature hook wells with integrated drain hole at the base

•   Entire lure color profile on display

•   Enables hook-free lure handling

•   Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box

•   Makes organization easy and sustainable

•   Adds flotation to tackle box


Lure Size 3400 Fav. Bar Capacity 3500 Fav. Bar Capacity 3700 Fav. Bar Capacity
1/16 - 1/8 oz. 4 per Fav. bar
10 per Fav. bar 16 per Fav. bar
T3 Favorites Bar Dimensions (Without Box)
Box Size 3400 3500 3700
3 1516" 8 34" 13 716"
Width 14" 38" 1316"
Height 1" - 1 14" 1" - 1 14" 1" - 1 14"

What's Included?

•   Favorites Bar for chosen tackle box design and size
     •  3400 size includes 2 Favorites bars
     •  3500 size includes 1 Favorites bar
     •  3700 size includes 1 Favorites bar

*** Note: lure(s) shown are not included ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nick M.
Great idea

Works pretty well wish different spoons fit better

Zach S.
No more chipping paint

These are awesome. Keeps jigs from bouncing around in my sled and paint from chipping off.

Mike S.

Great boxes...

Rich C.
T3 Pro Jigging Spoon

Best idea for spoon storage out there! Able to visually see every spoon you have and the box lid seems to lock them in place well!

craig C.
Ice Spoon box

Great box for buckshots and slender spoons. Compartments a little loss for schucks jiggers

Jeff N.
Perfect for keeping ice fishing jigs in good shape

These boxes are saving me a lot of money! They keep my jigs from banging around. Great investment and a great company.

T3 pro

Most innovative design I've seen in years , the functionality and durability of this product is second to none will definitely be outfitting all my boxes with fishmore boxes

Thomas K.
A must have.

They fit perfectly and are a must have to protect your lures. I have ordered 6 boxes, and will be placing a order again soon.

Eric S.
Best Spoon Storage Solution

This is by far the best spoon storage solution on the market. There is nothing that even comes close. Hooks are out of the way, spoon colors and styles can be seen at first glance instead of hidden.

Best tackle organizer out there!

I have tried many different things to get my jigs organized. None of them checked all the boxes like this. All your jigs are visible so you grab the one you want. No chipped paint as they are held securely in their spot. Yet, maybe best of all... NO TANGLED HOOKS! Already ordered another box for myself and my boys are getting some too. 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a way to be more organized and efficient on the ice!