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T3 Pro - Rapala - Snap Rap

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Note: Lure(s) Not Included

End of "One Size Fits All" Tackle Boxes

We believe that "One Size Fits All" equipment leads to an average "One Size Fits All" fishing experience. Usually that experience involves trying to find the lure you want, trying to untangle all the lures from the one you want, and sometimes getting stuck by a hook. That's why we decided to make our tackle boxes as specialized as the anglers using them. The T3 Pro Series positions you to take that next step in your passion, all while leaving one less excuse of why the fish didn't bite.

The Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3 Pro Series)

Built with high-quality, closed cell foam to withstand the elements, the T3 Pro Series feature specialized patent pending Crank Cavities™ that:

•   Keep hooks separated

•   Feature hook wells with integrated drain hole at the base

•   Entire lure color profile on display

•   Enables hook-free lure handling

•   Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box

•   Makes organization easy and sustainable

•   Adds flotation to tackle box


Lure Size 3600 Box Capacity 3700 Box Capacity
SNR06 TBD 30
Combo 6-8 TBD TBD
T3 Pro Dimensions (Without Box)
Box Size 3600 3700
10 516" 13 716"
Width 78" 916"
Height 1" - 1 14" 1 14" - 1 12"


What's Included?

•   T3 Pro for chosen tackle box design and size

•   Open compartment box if selected above

•   Confidence that your box won't ruin a lure ever again

*** Note: Lure(s) shown are not included ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ron D.

Great product. Love it!

Michael B.
Very Good Purchase

Very good design - although have not been able to take them out as we have no ice at this time. Would purchase again.

dan f.
Real safe to carry Jiggin raps

These boxes are made to keep you jiggin raps safe from banging together . Just wish they were 2 sided.

Daniel M.
Awesome product!

Works really well for keeping my tikka minnows and jigging raps separated and tangle free. No more broken fins from loose storage. Have recommended to all of my ice fishing buddies.

Rich C.
Jigging rap

Absolutely wonderful way to store your baits and they don’t move much because the lid seems to pin them down nicely!

Steve K.

There great. I got three inserts for my jigging Rapala’s. They hold the baits nice and snug in the cutout. Perfect protection for my jigs.

Randal G.
Awesome jigging Rap box

The best box I have found for storing jigging raps, totally protects them from paint chips and breaking the tails off. only thing that would make it better is if they had a 1-inch-high box

Don B.
T3 Jigging Rap box

Love this box. Finally found something that can hold and secure jigging raps. Going to get one for each of my lure styles.

Jeremie K.
Excellent Product

Definitely an excellently constructed product. I would recommend ordering with the box included. (I didn't and wished I had.) Also count your baits before ordering. I over ordered due to not accurately counting how many jigging raps I had. I also discovered that slab raps fit in the slots relatively well.

David W.
Great product

I really love this. Getting tired of hooking myself when getting them out of my previous tackle boxes. I’m going to get more of these for my other lures