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T3 Pro - Lucky Craft - Pointer

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Note: Lure(s) Not Included

End of "One Size Fits All" Tackle Boxes

We believe that "One Size Fits All" equipment leads to an average "One Size Fits All" fishing experience. Usually that experience involves trying to find the lure you want, trying to untangle all the lures from the one you want, and sometimes getting stuck by a hook. That's why we decided to make our tackle boxes as specialized as the anglers using them. The T3 Pro Series positions you to take that next step in your passion, all while leaving one less excuse of why the fish didn't bite.

The Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3 Pro Series)

Built with high-quality, closed cell foam to withstand the elements, the T3 Pro Series feature specialized patent pending Crank Cavities™ that:

•   Keep hooks separated

•   Feature hook wells with integrated drain hole at the base

•   Entire lure color profile on display

•   Enables hook-free lure handling

•   Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box

•   Makes organization easy and sustainable

•   Adds flotation to tackle box

•   Includes large label for custom box identification


Lure Size Lure Capacity
Lucky Craft Pointer 78SP
Lucky Craft Pointer 100SP 12
T3 Pro Dimensions (Without Box)
13 716"
Width 916"
Height 1 14" - 1 12"


What's Included?

•   T3 Pro for chosen tackle box design and size

•   Open compartment box if selected above

•   Confidence that your box won't ruin a lure ever again

*** Note: Lure(s) shown are not included ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Timmy J.
Perfect Fit

I was very pleased when my order got here. The lures fit perfectly in the holders and easy to get the bait out of holder. Seems to be made of good quality material also.

Megabass vision 110 custom tackle box

This T3 pro tackle box is the perfect tackle box for Megabass Vision 110's. I really like the way the baits sit in the box and allow for quick selection. The insert holds the baits firmly with no chance of tangle!!

Charlie B.
Jerk baits

Best jerk bait you can throw hands down. Well worth the price.

Eric H.
protect those 110s

Finally a superior box to to hold the 110s; very easy to load and unload; no more tangled hooks;no more searching for the right color; wish it were adaptable for 110 plus 1 with larger bill; latches work well and are not flimsy

Vision 110 perfection

I have tons of jerkbaits especially Vision 110s and +1s. I've tried every type of jerkbait box, but these inserts with a Plano Edge 3700 crankbait box is absolute perfection. 24 jerkbaits per box, and you could probably throw a couple extra loose ones in.

Jason B.

Will be buying more to see rate all sizes of my one tens. Only oneten that has an issue fitting are the MAX LBOs. They fit but you have to force it in there.

M. B.
Best storage system yet

These foam inserts for your tackle boxes is exactly what I needed. I purchased the Megabass 110 inserts. They fit a couple other brands as well. The lures sit snugly in place. They also leave enough material out so you can see the tops, sides and bottom of each lure. That way you can know before opening the box, exactly what lure you're grabbing. They even have a spot (on the 370o plano edge system) for the water absorbing packets. I've recommended these to the guys in my B.A.S.S club and online. They're a tad pricey, in my opinion. However, I'm not complaining. I'm very happy with the product. Just being honest. 5 stars all day. Try some out, you won't be disappointed. If I won more tourneys, I'd buy more! Haha

Butch J.
Got ‘em loaded

Loaded all three sizes and seem to be fitted well. Don’t think I have to worry about vision jerkbait s any longer. Would of loved double waterproof boxes. I got too many baits for one tray. Good problem to have

Donald K.

I love your product. Wish you made it for more baits

Travis S.
Worth every penny.